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Act Now: Help Defeat North Carolina’s Amendment One

Coalition to Protect All North Carolina FamiliesPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

The Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families is launching a week-long moneybomb to get over the $1,000,000 mark. HRC is participating to help get the word out that North Carolina’s Amendment One is wrong, and that together we can defeat it. Get involved with the fight in North Carolina today and help the Coalition to Protect All North Carolina Families reach a fundraising milestone.

Amendment One would codify discrimination into North Carolina’s state constitution, barring committed and loving same-sex couples from marrying. The proposed amendment has drawn backlash from both the state and national level. President Obama recently announced his opposition to it, and polling shows nearly 55 percent of North Carolinians oppose the proposed ban.

But we need help to keep the momentum going and ensure defeat of Amendment One. The campaign is launching a moneybomb this week to hit the $1,000,000 mark by next Monday. You can support the fight to defeat Amendment One by contributing now.

When anti-LGBT lawmakers put Amendment One on the ballot last fall, they didn’t anticipate the pushback they would get. Thanks to your help, the Coalition to Protect All Families has raised nearly $950,000 to defeat the discriminatory Amendment One. Get involved in the fight and contribute now to help defeat North Carolina's anti-marriage amendment.

Our opponents have already launched their first deceptive ad aimed at misleading people. Help stop them now.

Learn more today - Campaign Manager Jeremy Kennedy will be participating in a live chat at 3pm ET today, where you can ask your questions. Check back here later this afternoon to stream the chat.

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