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Act Now: Dump NOM

NOMPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

We’ve long known that the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is a rabidly anti-LGBT organization that seeks to mainstream its messages of homophobia. Perhaps the best example of this came yesterday when – at the same time they suffered a major loss in New Hampshire – NOM lashed out against Starbucks for supporting marriage equality in Washington State.

NOM’s latest temper tantrum got us thinking of all the different reasons why NOM is becoming increasingly desperate in its tactic. Check out our top ten reasons to dump NOM, and check back daily to tweet a different message that gets the word out about what an extremist organization NOM really is:

  1. NOM is desperately out of touch - major consumer-oriented organizations support marriage equality; including Alcoa, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, NIKE, Starbucks, and Vulcan.
  2. They believe they’re above the law. They fight campaign finance laws in virtually every state they engage in - and consistently losing.
  3. They lie about statistics concerning marriage equality to fit their increasingly outdated arguments. In reality, a wide range of polling consistently shows support for marriage equality to be near or above 50 percent among Americans.
  4. NOM’s top stakeholders have called LGBT people “deviants.”
  5. They claim grassroots support when, in reality, they have five major – and secret – donors.
  6. They pour money into states like Minnesota, New York, Washington, Maryland, and (though they’d like to forget it) New Hampshire to halt or roll back marriage.
  7. They support a McCarthy-like commission to investigate allegations of “harassment” against their rabidly anti-LGBT supporters.
  8. They demean the relationships of committed, loving same-sex couples by placing “gay marriage” in quotation marks.
  9. They misrepresent the vast majority of people of faith, often hijacking Christianity as a means of advancing their anti-LGBT work.
  10. They demand GOP presidential hopefuls get on board with their archaic platform of supporting only anti-LGBT judges and pushing for a federal marriage amendment.

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