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Act Now: 50 Days Until Election Day

Election 2012It’s crunch time - just 50 days left until Election Day on November 6.

Will President Barack Obama, who has stood up for LGBT equality time and again, get another four years to advance equal rights for our community? Or will Mitt Romney get the opportunity to roll back the hard-fought protections we have gained in recent years?

Will pro-equality Senate challengers like Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Shelley Berkley (Nevada), and Tim Kaine (Virginia) win races against foes of equality? Will allies like Sherrod Brown (Ohio) defend their seats? Will Tammy Baldwin become the first openly lesbian member of the U.S. Senate?

Marriage hangs in the balance in four states. Gay and lesbian couples in Washington, Maryland and Maine could soon legally marry if ballot measures are approved in those states. In Minnesota, the passage of a marriage equality ban would write discrimination into the state constitution.

Your actions today – and over the next 50 days – will have a major impact in the fight for equality. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Register to vote. Deadlines for voter registration are nearing in many states. Don’t wait – register now.
  2. Do your research. Find out where your elected officials stand on LGBT issues.
  3. Donate to pro-equality candidates. Help elect candidates who have proven time and again that they will stand up for full equality under the law for the LGBT community.
  4. Join the fight for marriage equality. Find out what you can do to support coalition efforts in Maryland, Washington, Maine and Minnesota.
  5. Support HRC. The Human Rights Campaign needs your help in the fight for LGBT equality across the country.

We’ll say it many times over the next 50 days, but we do not want to wake up on November 7 and wonder if we could have done more.

HRC is ramping up its efforts. Join us.

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