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Abby’s Dad Is Gay – and She’s All Right

We're All RightYou won’t want to miss the video that Abby recorded for HRC’s new project, We’re All Right. The Midwesterner speaks openly and passionately about herself and her family – her older brother, younger sister, mother and father. Abby’s father came out as gay when she was entering her teenage years. She’s now a college senior, and she wants everyone to know that she’s all right.

“I think I’ve turned out better than I would have, to be honest, than with two straight parents, because I learned so much more about the world,” Abby says. Abby is just one of many, many kids of LGBT parents who is thriving. Anti-LGBT groups will have you believe that these kids are growing up with all kinds of hardships and problems. Abby, Zach Wahls, Peter Hams and many others want you to know that their families aren’t all that different than any other American family. Visit today and help spread the word that kids of LGBT parents are all right. If you have LGBT parents, record a video with your story and upload it to YouTube, then post it on our wall. If you don’t, please share these videos with your family, friends and colleagues.

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