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A Vet’s Reflection on DADT Votes: So This is What History Feels Like

Yesterday morning a friend still on active duty called me to ask what I thought about today’s votes.  “We got it, man,” I responded.  He didn’t believe me.  Frankly, I don’t quite believe it myself.  But here we are, and for some reason cynicism can’t overcome this moment.  I spoke with this friend for a few more minutes, convincing him how good a position we are in right now; overcoming his own cynicism.  The phone becomes silent.  After a few minutes, I asked if he was ok, only to realize he simply couldn’t get the words out to respond.  He was crying.  We both were.  Finally, a whispered “thank you.”  You work five years on an issue thinking you’ll never see the end, that your work is only a contribution to the greater piece.  Suddenly a decision is made, and you’re facing what you’ve been longing to see since taking the oath to serve and defend the country against all enemies foreign and domestic.  I, and many like me, long to take that oath again.  And because of events this week, I believe we will. While we still have a ways to go and however imperfect and contentious it's been, today is a historic day.  A day we could not have reached without every body, voice, and hand working their hardest to see this through.  We’re here.  We made it. Thank you.

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