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A Surge of Pride and Momentum in Minnesota

This post comes from Trevor Chandler, HRC regional field organizer, and Leah Solo, HRC senior political consultant and chair of the coalitions committee for Minnesotans United for All Families.

Kluwe CampaigningIt’s always an emotional experience wrapping up a campaign. Recycling old call lists, wrapping what seems like miles of telephone and Ethernet cords, saying temporary goodbyes to the work family you’ve spent countless hours crammed into small spaces with for the last year.

But rather than feeling sadness about it being over, here in Minnesota there is a palpable sense of happiness, pride, and momentum as we pack up and look toward the future. Happiness because we won, pride in the positive and extraordinary campaign we ran that was unlike anything Minnesota has ever seen, and momentum as we look forward at the possibilities for the LGBT community in the near future. We’re closing this campaign with a distinct sense of purpose in serving our community.

The defeat of the discriminatory anti-marriage amendment here in Minnesota begins to close the door on a dark period in our nation’s history, and opens another toward a future where we universally declare that constitutions are not meant to take away freedoms, but enshrine them. A future that says we are not a people who believe in treating our neighbors differently, but one that lives by the Golden Rule. With the defeat of this amendment, we now look forward to a future where we no longer discuss whether we should ban marriage for same sex couples, but rather when all of our neighbors will have the freedom to marry the person they love.

Minnesota CampaignThe campaign waged here by Minnesotans United for All Families has shown the power of an uplifting message, one that encourages thoughtful and respectful conversations and rejects the politics of division. With a coalition of over 700 organizations from small businesses to large corporations, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, and faith leaders and congregations from every major religion, we have shown that when we are united in the cause of love, there is no way we can be defeated.

We have been on the ground here as part of HRC’s huge investment in this effort. As a key coalition and board member with Minnesotans United, HRC has given over a million dollars - not just in cash, but in key staff and strategic guidance. We have been honored to work with some of the most talented political professionals Minnesota has to offer, and can’t wait to work with them further as we go about completing the unfinished business of equality here in the North Star State.  We’ve proven that ‘Minnesota Nice’ isn’t just a slogan, but a clarion call that Minnesotans have lived up to, and will continue to.

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