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A Round of Applause for SEIU

HealthThis post comes from HRC Public Education & Outreach Coordinator Simone Walls:

As SEIU concludes their 25th International Convention in Denver, there’s reason to celebrate! During yesterday’s gathering delegates collectively passed a resolution that will bargain for trans-inclusive healthcare as part of their contracts. SEIU’s international offices already offer trans-inclusive healthcare benefits to employees so here in the states, this calls for applause. Every delegate was in favor of the resolution as it easily passed without opposition. HRC’s Cuc Vu, Chief of Diversity Officer is in Denver and was present for this news.

Transgender people face many forms of discrimination when it comes to health insurance. So what does this mean for employees of SEIU? It means equal access to healthcare, saving lives, more support and security for employees and their families. SEIU is known for representing the 99 percent. It is the fastestt growing union in North America. This is a time to both praise and congratulate such a monumental moment for a labor union representing 2.1 million members. HRC salutes SEIU and it major step towards achieving workplace equality.

HRC’s Workplace Project continues to push companies towards providing trans-inclusive healthcare benefits as it provides a detailed rating of large U.S. employers and their policies and practices relating to LGBT employees. With the Corporate Equality Index celebrating 10 years of progress in advancing workplace equality, this year marked the first year of a new stricter criterion concerning transgender health benefits. We are pleased to report that 206 employers in the 2012 CEI are offering transgender-inclusive health coverage. The Workplace Project also recently released a new publication “Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage and The Corporate Equality Index”, highlighting the CEI criteria and transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage, understanding your plan, facts to know and more.

The HRC’s Healthcare Equality Index recommends that all U.S. healthcare facilities provide transgender-inclusive healthcare coverage to their employees.

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