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A Closer Look at Gov. Perry’s Day of Prayer Partners

Yesterday, we told you about the day of prayer Texas Governor Rick Perry is organizing to address the “crises” currently facing the nation. Unfortunately, some of the strongest anti-LGBT groups and voices in the nation are collaborating with Perry on “The Response,” including the American Family Association (AFA) and representatives from Lou Engle’s International House of Prayer and TheCall.

Take a look at one of the people Governor Rick Perry is working with on the event – David Sliker is a senior leader at Lou Engle’s International House of Prayer, and serves on the board of TheCall. Lou Engle and TheCall played a significant role in stirring up anti-LGBT sentiments in Uganda, where proposed legislation would make being gay a crime punishable by death in some circumstances.

That’s not all Sliker does – he also maintains, where he has written extensively about topics including the “end-times.”  Sliker – a partner in Gov. Perry’s day of prayer – has called marriage equality “one of the most ominous signs of our time” –

“…when it comes to issues like gay marriage, [why] do I care?  I care because of precisely what I just articulated - the redefinition of social norms under the banner of civil rights, which is a dishonest and intellectually inferior position masquerading as a just and noble cause.  Once that redefinition takes place, and the lines that were once clear are at once redrawn, the future for my children suddenly takes a darker turn; for the precedent set in these arguments is one we will be hearing again, I can assure you.  I have to end here - but this isn’t the last of what’s on my mind related to what I consider one of the most ominous signs of our time that I’ve seen in quite a while.”

This is the rhetoric of someone that the governor of the nation’s second-largest state is partnering with for an alleged day of prayer. Gov. Perry has invited other governors to attend – tell your governor to say no to anti-LGBT groups spreading their message under the guise of religion.   

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