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....A Beauty-full Day of Marriage Equality Organizing on Long Island

Having been born and raised on Long Island, it was an emotional weekend spent talking to New Yorkers about the freedom to marry.

Our day of action in two Nassau County towns reflected what recent polling shows - New Yorkers across the state support allowing loving gay and lesbian couples to marry.  Not only did many shoppers along the suburban sidewalks sign letters of support, but several drivers actually stopped their cars upon seeing us in our "New Yorkers for Marriage Equality" t-shirts and asked if they could sign-on as well.

The owner of a Beauty Salon came out of his shop and asked me to come into his bustling salon where one customer took my clipboard, signed a letter of support and then proceeded to collect signatures from every one of his well-coiffed customers.   She looked me deep in the eyes and passionately stated, "New York must pass marriage because we want (salon owners) Scott and Richard to get married.  We all want to be bridesmaids at their wedding."

After a long day of walking and talking to Long Islanders, the beauty salon owners and clients made me feel a greater responsibility to be successful.

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