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75,000 HRC Members and Supporters: Don’t Let Viki Knox’s Anti-LGBT Rant Stand

Post submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Nearly 75,000 people have signed HRC’s petition calling on the superintendent of Union Township, New Jersey, schools to take appropriate action against anti-LGBT teacher Viki Knox. Last week, it came to light that Knox posted hateful anti-LGBT remarks on her public Facebook wall in response to a bulletin board her school put up in commemoration of LGBT history month. HRC also released an anti-gay tweet Knox sent in September, blasting the implementation of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal and linking it to the end of the world.

Viki Knox Twitter

School officials have opened an investigation into Knox’s public remarks. Yesterday, the New Jersey Star-Ledger joined the growing chorus calling for action against Knox in an editorial

Add your voice to our petition now. Tell Union Township Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Martin to take immediate and appropriate action against anti-LGBT teacher Viki Knox.

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