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50 States - 104,000 Children - 2 Million LGBT Parents

FamilyThe math on this is clear. 104,000 children and youth in the foster care in the U.S. are currently awaiting permanent, loving families. Estimates show that two million LGBT couples and individuals are interested in adoption. If all LGBT prospective parents across the U.S. were given the opportunity to learn about fostering or adopting and how to begin the process, the pool of qualified LGBT applicants could drastically decrease the number of children and youth in need of permanent families.

So what’s the problem here? Two things.

First, many adoption and foster care agencies don’t recognize the LGBT community as a source of prospective families. In many cases the agencies don’t have LGBT-friendly environments or may lack the knowledge and skills necessary to work with LGBT applicants in a truly inclusive way.

Second, a lot of LGBT people interested in building families don’t know that adoption is an option for them.

HRC is working to solve both of these problems through All Children – All Families (ACAF). We have engaged over 100 adoption and foster care agencies in our work and we are making great progress to help these agencies enthusiastically engage and welcome LGBT applicants.

To expand our reach we have set a goal to get at least one agency from each of the 50 states participating in ACAF. And you can help.

If you know of an LGBT-friendly agency, send us the agency’s name and we will make sure they get involved. In the past, we've had great success with bringing in new agencies across the country via community input. You know your communities best, and we need your help! Send us agency names today!

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