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10 Reasons to Pass ENDA in 2010

1-25 phonebank

And there are millions more… Last night, another group of dedicated volunteers came to HRC to spread the word about ways to take action in the fight to pass an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).  Speaking with HRC members in priority congressional districts across the nation, from New Jersey to Indiana, our volunteers helped get out the message about just how critical the swift passage of ENDA is and what can be done to get involved.  Members were informed about the status of ENDA and then directed to for an opportunity to take action at a local level by contacting their members of Congress.  After just 2 hours of dialing, phone bankers achieved a collective 210 committed actions in the name of ENDA from HRC members in 5 different key states.  That’s 210 more reasons for Congress to move forward in ending workplace discrimination for good. How many more reasons do you need to come join us in making a difference? Sign up for HRC’s Dialing for Equality Phone Banks -- Every Monday and Thursday from 6-8:30 pm at HRC's headquarters in DC. Contact for more info.

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