MN Freedom to MarryIt's morning in Minnesota and the energy is palpable in St. Paul.  Volunteers and supporters of marriage equality began showing up early at the capitol for what is primed to be an historic day.  This is the one year anniversary of President Barack Obama's declaration of support for marriage for same-sex couples and Minnesota is set to respond to his call for equality. Passage of the legislation would propel the marriage equality movement to new heights as Minnesota strives to become the first state outside the coastal areas of the United States to pass marriage through the legislature.

Today, the house will debate and vote on marriage before the senate takes up the measure next Monday.  Advocates are cautiously optimistic that they have the votes to prevail in both chambers, but are not taking anything for granted.  Volunteers and staff continue to mobilize supporters to contact their own state legislators urging them to support equality for all Minnesota families.

Minnesota has historically led the way on progressive causes, and today should be no different as the house votes to continue that great and lasting tradition.

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