Post submited by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

According to a letter Bryant Huddleston submitted to officials at Sloan-Hendrix High School, the alum says his alma mater invited him to be a speaker at this year’s commencement exercises, and then dropped him after learning he was gay.

In the letter, Huddleston writes:

What baffles me…is that you chose to disregard the fact that I grew up in Imboden, and my career accomplishments--KAIT news anchor and reporter, successful television producer in Hollywood, producing shows such as E! News, Access Hollywood, etc., --were dismissed and instead you chose to make me a hot bed controversial issue. 

…  just for the record, just so we’re clear, my words were not going to address a “certain agenda,” but I was hoping to empower your students to continue their education. My speech would have also touched on the importance of women, like my sister, who will go out into the world and know that they can now pull their chairs right up to the table of equality. To encourage them that they can no longer sit in the back and let men make the important decisions for them. And for that matter, letting them know that someday a woman or two or three can become a member of the Sloan-Hendrix School Board. 

HRC is reaching out to the Sloan-Hendrix superintendent asking for clarity on why Huddleston was apparently invited – and then uninvited – from addressing graduates. The high school’s graduation ceremony is set for this coming Friday.

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