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Every day you make decisions between one brand and another; this restaurant, not that; this grocery store, instead of that one. Now, thanks to HRC’s 2014 Buyer’s Guide, you can easily identify brands that understand and honor the issues most important to you. By holding companies accountable, you can send a power message to businesses that LGBT inclusion is crucial to their bottom line.

The Buyer’s Guide, which is culled from the 2014 Corporate Equality Index data, provides you the most accurate review of a business’s workplace policies toward LGBT employees. 

This year, more businesses than ever before are supporting workplace equality for LGBT people – but some are still falling behind.

So we’re making a list (and checking it twice) to help you choose brands not naughty but nice.


Naughty: Kohl’s

Nice: Sears

Kohl’s scored a disappointing 15 percent on the 2014 Corporate Equality Index, while Sears scored a 100 percent.


Naughty: Belk

Nice: Macy’s

Macy’s, an HRC Corporate Partner, scored a 90 percent on this year’s CEI for its LGBT inclusive policies and practices. Belk is on the Naughty List for its failure to participate in the CEI.


Naughty: Nieman Marcus

Nice: Nordstom

Nieman Marcus is on the Naughty List this year for its dismal 15 percent score on HRC’s CEI. Nordstom, on the other hand, scored a 100 percent. They also put out this adorable commercial for its wedding suite featuring both a lesbian couple and a gay couple.



Naughty: Domino’s Pizza 

Nice: Pizza Hut

Domino’s Pizza scored a naughty 35 percent on the CEI. Yum Brands, which owns Pizza Hut, is a 100 percenter.


Naughty: Hostess

Nice: Kellogg’s

Hostess, the parent company to Ho Hos, Twinkies and Rings, scored a 15 percent on HRC’s 2014 Corporate Equality Index. Kellogg’s, which owns the delightful treats from Keebler, Famous Amos and Rice Krispies, on the other hand, is getting everything on its Christmas List this year. It scored a 100 percent on the CEI.


Naughty: Bakersource

Nice: Betty Crocker

General Mills, the parent company of Betty Crocker, is a longtime top-scorer on HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, scoring a 100 percent yet again on this year’s CEI. And after marriage equality passed in Minnesota, Betty Crocker went above the call of duty to celebrate. The folks at Betty Crocker donated life-sized cakes to the first three couples to marry at Minneapolis City Hall and another giant cake for all of the newlyweds to enjoy. SYSCO, which owns Bakersource, on the other hand, scored just a 15 percent on the CEI.


Naughty: Netflix

Nice: AMC Entertainment


We love streaming movies and TV shows from the comfort of our own homes. But this year, Netflix is making the Naughty List for score an abysmal zero percent on the CEI. Go out for a movie instead. AMC Entertainment, which owns AMC Theaters, is on the Nice List for its top-score.


Naughty: DHL

Nice: United Postal Services

Obviously, Santa prefers to deliver his own presents, but if he shipped them, we wouldn’t be surprised if he would opt for the United Postal Service. DHL scored a 15 percent on the CEI, and UPS a 90 percent.


To see how more companies stack up on workplace policies for LGBT employees, visit HRC’s Buyer’s Guide. And don't forget, you can download the new mobile app at or Which of your favorites are on the Nice List?

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