Delaware senateToday is the day in Dover. The Delaware Senate will be gaveled into session around 2:00 this afternoon in Legislative Hall and the only item on the docket is marriage equality. The senate will debate HB 75, the marriage equality bill, and vote soon thereafter.

The outcome is expected to be decided by only a few votes. It’s not too late to contact your state senator and urge him or her to support the marriage equality bill. Upon passage, marriage equality supporter Governor Jack Markell will sign the bill later today. Marriage licenses could be issued starting as July 1.

Delaware senateThis day has been long in the making. HRC has been invested in the First State for many years and have developed a strong relationship with Equality Delaware, the driving force in passing marriage equality this year. I could not be happier to be in Dover today with EQDE President Lisa Goodman, EQDE Foundation President Mark Purpura EQDE and HRC staff, and dozens of supporters who are anxiously waiting in the gallery for the senate to convene.

HRC has contributed financial, staff, and technical resources to the fight to pass marriage equality in Delaware this year. I have served as key council on the bill and my colleagues have provided strategic communications and grassroots outreach to the campaign.

Audio from debate on the marriage equality bill can be found here once the senate convenes.

Delaware senate

Photo: (Left to Right): L/r; John Karlock, Dana Yeliseyev and Tiffani Savage await the vote on HB75 today in Dover, Delaware. (c) HRC/ Judy G Rolfe

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