Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

In his weekly message released today, Delaware’s Governor Markell spoke of the bending arc of history toward equality and the powerful role students play this year in bringing marriage equality to the state.

In his address, Gov. Markell echoed his call to action from earlier this week, when he joined students, community member and the Equality Delaware Foundation for a marriage equality rally on the campus of the University of Delaware.

He stated,

The concept of discrimination is something our children first learn about in history class. They learn that, decades ago, someone’s gender or skin color would impact on where a person could learn, work or even sit on a bus. They learn that young people, just like them, chose to fight against discrimination and won. As a result, our young people today grow up learning tolerance, acceptance and inclusion – important lessons as we progress as a society. Yet, as we unveiled legislation here in Delaware yesterday and continue to hear debates across the country regarding the legalization of same-sex marriage, it is evident discrimination still exists. We must use this momentum, this energy and this evidence of growing support to take another historic step toward true equality. Together, we will write the next chapter in history and prove, once again, that in Delaware, justice and equality move one way – forward.

Watch Markell’s weekly message below.

HRC has had staff on the ground in Delaware for months working with Equality Delaware. Karl Bach has been serving as Equality Delaware's Deputy Field Director to ensure that lawmakers continue to hear from pro-equality supporters. To learn how you can get more involved in the campaign to win marriage for gay and lesbian couples in Delaware visit or email Karl at

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