The D.C. government announced today that insurance companies must offer comprehensive healthcare coverage to transgender residents.

The move affects all insurance plans that are regulated by D.C. government, including private plans, government employee healthcare plans and D.C. Medicaid.

“Last March, the District began the process of removing exclusions in health insurance on the basis of gender identity or expression … Today’s actions bring us closer to being One City that values and protects the health of all of our residents,” Gray said in a statement.

Individuals who are diagnosed with gender dysphoria are now entitled to receive any medically necessary benefits and services under these health plans, including hormone treatments and gender reassignment surgeries.

The directive instructs insurance providers to refer to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care, or WPATH, to determine medical necessity for treatments.

You can find a variety of transgender-specific employment, health and coming out guides here.

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