Outside the Supreme CourtHigh school students in Texas worked with local businesses to raise over $4,000 for the Human Rights Campaign and a local cancer hospital, reports the Dallas Voice.

Braden Fineberg and Jacob Herstein led their chapter of the B’nai B’rith Youth Organization in the fundraising effort, which also benefited the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Centers.

The students created a discount card that purchasers could use at local businesses, and donated all of the $30 cost of the card to charity. They were able to bring more than 70 businesses on board.

“At the beginning, stores were reluctant to participate, but as more joined the card, it became easier,” Fineberg told the Voice.

This is not the chapter’s first foray into fighting for LGBT Americans. A few years ago, older members of the group noticed that many of the younger members were using derogatory language. In response, they started a campaign called “I Don’t Say That” to teach younger members of the group what was appropriate language and what was not.

“These boys see a problem, and they want to be the change,” said Robb Puckett, the chair of HRC’s Dallas-Fort Worth steering committee, in a statement to the Voice. “It speaks greatly to the character of the children, their parents and their community that they looked at how they speak and change their behavior, forging an ‘I don’t say that’ campaign.”

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