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The CW is set to tackle a new subject with its upcoming project ZE, a drama centered on a transgender teen and his family in Texas. Described as a “quirky family drama,” the show will follow a transgender teen through his coming out process and interactions with his dysfunctional family. While other television series such as Glee and Ugly Betty have featured transgender characters, ZE will be the first show to place a transgender character as the lead of the series.

Brooklyn-based playwright Kyle Jarrow, known for his award-winning off-Broadway show A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant, will write the show. It is to be produced by CBS TV Studios.

ZE may join a number of shows that provide positive portrayals of LGBT characters in different stages of life. While shows like Glee and Ugly Betty show the coming out process and lives of LGBT youth, others like Modern Family, The New Normal, and Fosters provide viewers with relatable LGBT families living normal, healthy, and productive lives.

The inclusion of LGBT characters on the small screen is beneficial in building respect and understanding for the broader community. While ZE is still in its beginning stages, it may be a major step in building this same respect and understanding for transgender people and help advocate for their full inclusion and equality.

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