Courthouse Line

This morning, dozens of couples lined up outside of the Pulaski County Courthouse in Little Rock in order to receive their marriage licenses as soon as the courthouse opens at 8 am.  

On Sunday, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel filed for a stay, which, if granted would put the state’s ban on same-sex marriage back in place and prevent the recognition of same-sex marriage until the appeals process concludes. The state Supreme Court will open at 9 a.m., potentially giving Arkansans just one more hour to legally marry.

On Saturday, the Eureka Springs Courthouse began issuing marriage licenses to couples, following Judge Piazza's overturning of the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Attorney Cheryl Maples arrived at the courthouse at 5 am to be with some of the plaintiffs in the Wright case. Maples said she is ready and excited to perform as many marriages today as she can.

Wright is one of over 70 marriage equality cases working their way through the judicial system across the country.

This couple has been together for 25 years, pictured here with HRC President and Arkansas Native while waiting in line now for marriage license in Little Rock.


Kristen and Valerie

Kristen and Valerie wait in line to apply for marriage license in Little Rock, Arkanasas.

Outside Courthouse

HRC President Chad Griffin speaks at a press conference alongside the plaintiffs, attorneys Cheryl Maples and Jack Wagoner, and Trey Weir, Executive Director of the Arkansas Initiative for Marriage Equality. 

Couple 30 Years

After first meeting at Southern Arkansas University and now together nearly 30 years & originally from Hope, Arkansas (now reside in Dallas, Texas), Susan Barr & Shelly Butler are the first couple in line for marriage license in Little Rock.

Thomas and Devin

Thomas and Devin of Bryant, Arkansas was one of the first couples to apply for a marriage license in Little Rock.


Couples, their families, loved ones and friends pack the courthouse in Little Rock on Monday morning. 

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