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The AFL-CIO, the largest labor federation in the U.S., amended its constitution Monday to ban discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression. The amendment was introduced by CWA and co-sponsored by UNITE HERE and resulted in large part from a campaign led by the members and leaders of Pride at Work, an organization focused on working with organized labor and the LGBT community to support social and economic justice.
The federation, which is comprised of up to 57 national and international unions, voted in favor of the provision during the 2013 Quadrennial AFL-CIO convention held this week in Los Angeles, Calif.
Many labor unions have been key players in the fight for full LGBT equality. Today is a historic step forward to ensuring workplace equality for LGBT Americans.
While so much progress has been made, much remains to be done. Today, in 29 states a union contract is still the only legal protection many workers have from discrimination based on sexual orientation, and in 33 states for gender identity and expression.
HRC is a proud partner of Americans for Workplace Opportunity, a grassroots campaign to ensure lawmakers hear from millions of Americans from all walks of life who support LGBT workplace protections.
Send a letter your Senators now. Your letter can help us build the momentum for ENDA in the Senate and get us another step closer to seeing this important bill finally become law. Take action now.

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