RingsA conservative newspaper in New Hampshire finally published a same-sex marriage announcement after years of refusing to do so. The policy change apparently comes after a policy change that requires couples to pay for wedding announcements to be placed in the paper.  Previously there was no charge.

New Hampshire Union Leader, New Hampshire’s largest newspaper, infamously refused to publish marriage announcements for same-sex couples. While marriage equality became the law of the land in New Hampshire in 2010, the editor of the Union Leader chose to deny coverage for same-sex couples.

In a statement in 2010, Publisher Joseph W. McQuaid said, “We are not ‘anti-gay.’ We are for marriage remaining the important man-woman institution it has always been. While the law sanctions gay marriage, it neither demands that churches perform them or that our First Amendment right to choose what we print be suspended.”

After the paper published its first same-sex wedding announcement this weekend, blogger Jim Romenesko asked McQuaid if the paper had a new policy. McQuaid replied, “Social announcements are now paid submissions, no longer an editorial call. This happened three or four years ago. The same-sex announcement to which you refer may have been the first one submitted since the change.”

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