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Across the country this week thousands of households are celebrating not just one, but two moms. Major American companies have also joined in on the celebration.

The ubiquitous card company Hallmark released two new cards for Mother’s Day this year. One reads '”for two moms” and the other states "for my partner." Earlier this year, Hallmark released Valentine’s Day cards for same-sex couples.  

In a promotional video for Starbucks for her Teavana chai brand, Oprah Winfrey states, ‘“two moms are better than one.” Winfrey, an LGBT rights supporter, covered many LGBT issues as host of The Oprah Winfrey Show and ranked HRC as one of her favorite organizations to donate to in 2013.

These aren’t the first companies to have a special message for same-sex couples on Mother’s Day. LGBT-inclusive companies, like many ranked in HRC's Corporate Equality Index, have long portrayed an inclusive message.

Let us know how you’re celebrating Mother’s Day this year by tagging us at @HumanRightsCampaign and #Moms4Equality on Instagram.

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