YES chattanoogaPost submitted by Ryan Rowe, HRC Senior Field Organizer

Last Sunday morning, volunteers for the YES Chattanooga campaign were out at local churches talking about the upcoming August 7 vote on the city’s non-discrimination ordinance for municipal employees.  The pastors all gave social justice sermons, and supporters gathered outside afterwards and made plans to vote.

St. Marks United Methodist Church, New Covenant Church of Chattanooga, The Rock Metropolitan Community Church, Agape Christian Church, Christ Episcopal, Grace Episcopal ,Pilgrim Congregational Church – United Church of Christ, Relevant Church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Chattanooga, Chattanooga Humanist Assembly , Mercy Junction, Renaissance Presbyterian Church, St Elmo United Methodist Church and North-minster Presbyterian were some of the many churches that took part in this faith-based effort to support the Chattanooga non-discrimination ordinance.

Reverend Leroy Griffith of Renaissance Presbyterian Church addressed his congregation on Sunday and said, “God alone is the lord of the individual human being’s conscience. Regardless of what institutions say, whether they are civil, religious or educational institutions. God alone is the lord of the conscience. I pray that God will be with you. I pray that our activities will move the people of Chattanooga. But never forget that the source of power in this country is the people and God loves the people“.

Faith outreach has been a major strategy of the YES Chattanooga campaign. In fact, many of the volunteers working on the campaign are a part of the same congregations that have signed onto the campaign.  When the people of Chattanooga affirm the City Council’s decision this Thursday, it will be because of people of faith.

YES chattanooga

YES chattanooga

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