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ENDA postcards pennsylvaniaAt events all across the state, over 40 volunteers were out celebrating National Coming Out Day and speaking with fellow supporters of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Our volunteers gathered over 1,100 postcards, 40 letters, and passed the phone over to nearly 300 people to call Senator Toomey’s office and express their support for ENDA.

While these numbers speak to the volume of support, the greatest successes of the weekend were in the individual stories—with each phone call, postcard, and letter representing a meaningful and inspiring conversation about discrimination and LGBT rights.

ENDA postcards pennsylvaniaOut in Pittsburgh, Americans for Workplace Opportunity volunteer leader Brad Ankey talked with three women who were surprised to learn about ENDA and had thought these protections were already in place. After his interaction, Brad realized that volunteering with this campaign is about more than just one vote

“In the grand scheme of things, I think our larger purpose is to educate people on us as fellow human beings with the need for us to be treated equally in society and the workplace,” said Ankey.

Loryn Webb, a business owner in Doylestow, said she was proud to participate in the weekend of action.

“Now, more then ever, I want to fight to create a workplace where my fellow LGBT peers and I can work free from discrimination,” said Webb.

Further north, in Bethlehem, a little boy asked his grandmother who our volunteers were while she filled out a card. She replied, "These are our friends, sweetie. They fight for justice.”

Want to join us in fighting for justice this week? Sign up for one of our weekly volunteer events here:

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