As a gay Armenian Orthodox Christian, I’ve come to realize that coming out for me means coming home to the ancient Church that raised me and taught me the fullness of God’s truth.  Such a realization has been hard because the Orthodox Church that I love, the Church of truth and beauty, has had a checkered history with people like me. HRC's Religion and Faith program's newest guide, Coming Home: To Faith, To Spirit; To Self is designed to help people like me and maybe like you who have seen the historic changes happening in faith communities in recent years and are considering coming back home to the faith communities we love.

I wish I had the proper guidance or a resource like the Coming Home: To Faith, To Spirit; To Self when I decided to come out in my college years. But it was during my spiritual discernment in my later years that the guide offered me the tools I needed to find strength to be fully myself in my community that is not always welcoming. I took the important step of coming out to my Orthodox priest whom welcomed me into God’s house with unconditional love.

On the 26th anniversary of National Coming Out Day, we are proud to release this week our newest guide Coming Home: To Faith, To Spirit; To Self, a guide designed to help LGBTQ people of faith and their families who are considering a potential path back to faith and to a religious community.

Coming out and living openly within a community of faith can be a challenging endeavor for LGBT members. The potential rewards, though, include the gifts of spiritual renewal, the joyful celebration of your unique self, and the opportunity to transform the hearts and minds of those around you.

We hope that this guide will be helpful for you no matter where you may be on your spiritual journey.  If you end up returning to a community of faith or finding a new one, let us know about it. 

Visit HRC’s Religion and Faith Program at for the release of Coming Home: To Faith, To Spirit; To Self.

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