This year the popular comic convention, Comic Con, will host their first ever panel on trans issues titled, “Breaking Barriers: Transgender Trends in Popular Culture.”

SheWiredreports that while there have previously been LGBT panels, this is the first ever panel at Comic Con solely created for trans panelists. Breaking Barriers will be moderated by trans female comic Tara Madison Avery, who will be joined by six other panelists.

According to the Comic Con program, “In recent years, Transgender creators have gained visibility in comics, movies, and television after long being consigned to the shadows. From coming out and transition to navigating gender politics in a world still struggling to understand, cartoonists, writers, and filmmakers are investing their work with unique personal experiences as their characters learn to live and love in new and unexpected ways.”

 Comic Con will feature four other panels on LGBT comics and issues.

Last year we saw the introduction of groundbreaking openly gay and lesbian superheroes, including Batwoman, Northstar and Green Lantern Alan Scott. DC Comics raised the bar on LGBT inclusion in the comic book universe by introducing the first reality-based transgender character in a mainstream series, Alysia Yeoh. 

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