Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

The Colorado Senate voted today to enact a civil unions bill, which would offer legal recognition and protection to same-sex couples.
The bill is expected to have its third Senate reading on Monday before it can move to the House.
In 2006 Colorado amended the state constitution to define marriage as only a union between one man and one woman. Then in 2009, the legislature passed a designated beneficiaries law giving very limited rights to same-sex couples, including hospital visitation, medical decision-making and inheritance.

HRC applauds One Colorado for their tireless work to bring equality to their state, and lead Senate Sponsors Sens. Pat Steadman and Lucia Guzman for championing the bill.

Momentum toward full equality continues to grow.  Visit our Marriage Center for more on HRC’s fight for marriage equality in your state.

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