Colorado FlagColorado Attorney General John Suthers has filed a motion requesting that a federal court strike down the state’s ban on marriage equality. Suthers was joined by state Governor John Hickenlooper in his request for the state ban to be overturned.

The motion cites the Tenth Circuit Court’s ruling which struck down Utah’s marriage ban, writing that as both states fall under the Tenth Circuit’s jurisdiction, Colorado’s ban must also be unconstitutional.

The motion follows a letter Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall wrote yesterday telling Suthers that despite his legal warnings, she will continue to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the county - something Hall has been doing since the Tenth Circuit ruling last week. These are the latest in a legal back-and-forth between the two in which Suthers has repeatedly demanded that Hall stop issuing licenses until there is a definitive court ruling on Colorado’s ban. Suthers’ motion, if granted, would serve as a way to stop Hall from continuing to issue marriage licenses.

Civil unions are currently offered in Colorado. However, fair-minded Coloradans are working to end the state's constitutional ban on marriage equality. Learn more about Colorado's marriage equality landscape here.

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