Rebecca JuroPost submittd by Andrew Butash, HRC Communications Intern

Transgender Americans often face discrimination in many aspects of daily life. This can be especially prevalent in the workplace.   Unfortunately, there are no federal protections against anti-LGBT workplace discrimination and most states still allow a person to be fired based on his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. Given that so many Americans are struggling to find work, bias against LGBT people during the hiring process makes life harder for many in our community.
CNN today posted a revealing piece about a transgender woman who has been out of work for years, and has experienced employment discrimination, simply because of who she is. The story mentions that, according to our friends at the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), 14% of transgender people are unemployed, which is double the national average. Today 34 states still do not have LGBT non-discrimination laws. To put it simply, if you are transgender you can be fired in 34 states without any repercussion for the employer.
Thankfully many employers have taken it upon themselves to implement policies against discrimination in the workplace.  In fact, according to HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, a strong majority of Fortune 500 companies (57 percent) have such policies in place.

Until congress passes a federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act, HRC has asked President Obama to issue an executive order banning anti-LGBT discrimination by federal contractors.
You can learn more about HRC’s work for workplace equality here.

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