Dallas MEIThe City of Dallas today took another step toward making the city’s laws and policies more inclusive of LGBT people.  A committee recommended to the city council a resolution authorizing city employees to create a plan for resolving inequalities in city employee policies, including the pension system, and to address other opportunities for increased inclusion highlighted by the Municipal Equality Index.  The MEI’s author, Cathryn Oakley, testified at the committee meeting about the MEI and the opportunities that Dallas has to increase its score.  Fort Worth City Councilmember Joel Burns also testified, sharing the path that Fort Worth has taken to becoming a more inclusive city and the benefits that inclusivity has brought his city.

Dallas scored 81 points on the 2013 MEI.  In Texas, it was outscored by Austin (100), Fort Worth (91), and San Antonio (86).  Dallas outscored Houston (63) and eleven other Texas cities.  The Municipal Equality Index rates 291 cities across the country on the basis of how inclusive their laws and policies are of LGBT people.  For more information, please visitwww.hrc.org/mei.   

The 81 points Dallas received resulted from the hard work of many, including Dallas’ LGBT Task Force and many others.  The MEI team looks forward to seeing Dallas increase its score in 2014.


Pictured: Theresa O'Donnell, Assistant City Manager, with Cathryn M. Oakley, HRC Legislative Counsel, immediately following the committee meeting

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