Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

In a op-ed for Policy Mic, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe called for the Supreme Court to strike down the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

Kluwe is a longtime advocate for LGBT equality nationwide. In February, he and Baltimore Ravens’ Brendon Ayanbadejo filed an amicus brief in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the case before the U.S. Supreme Court challenging California’s constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Kluwe also campaigned for marriage equality in Minnesota.

In the Policy Mic post, he wrote:

“No matter how tired I get of repeating myself, I will continue to pound the words out, article after article, piece after piece, until we finally understand that just because we’re not making the mistakes of our ancestors, doesn’t mean we aren’t making mistakes of our own.

DOMA is one such mistake. Proposition 8 is another. The Supreme Court has a chance to right these wrongs, to restore the fundamental decency of equality to all American citizens regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality. I’m hopeful they’ll make the right choice. If they don’t, it’s up to us – to all of us who care about empathy and dignity and freedom – to raise our voices, no matter how tired we might be, and continue to fight against those who would make the world a grimmer, meaner place.

This is only a continuation of that age old fight, control versus freedom, and it seems like it might never end, but that’s why it’s so important we all make our voices heard. Demand an end to discrimination, in any form.

Demand freedom.”


Read the article in its entirety on Policy Mic.

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