HRC President Chad Griffin and litigator Roberta Kaplan are featured on the annual Politico 50 list out today. Griffin and Kaplan were both major players in the fight for marriage equality at the Supreme Court last year: Kaplan was Edith Windsor's lawyer and Griffin was one of the key architects behind the case challenging Prop 8.

The list, described by Politico as, “… thinkers, doers and dreamers who really matter in this age of gridlock and dysfunction,” features leaders who are on the cusp of political and societal change and are shifting narratives across the globe. 

Other leaders selected include Elizabeth Warren, Rand Paul and Janet Yellen.  

Through their efforts, Griffin and Kaplan have changed not only federal policies around marriage equality, but have enhanced the lived experiences of LGBT people and their families. 

Read more about Griffin, Kaplan and other leaders on the list here

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