Today I headed home to Arkansas to be with two remarkable women -- Tippi and Barb, as they return from their honeymoon.

Instead of coming home with aluminum cans dragging from the back of their car, they return to an uncertain future with Tippi having been told her marriage to Barb is grounds for termination at the Catholic high school where she's taught for 14 years.

Unbelievably, Tippi got the call from her principal moments after they celebrated the joy of their wedding. Along with her new spouse, Tippi decided to resign from her position and speak out about the way she's been treated.

As an educational institution and one of deep faith, Mount St. Mary should be setting an example of tolerance and acceptance – ideals put forward recently by Pope Francis as he urges the Catholic Church hierarchy to put aside judgment of LGBT people.

Now, HRC is calling on Mount St. Mary’s students, teachers, donors, and community members to speak out against this injustice.  

I am proud to stand with Tippi, Barb, and all of my fellow fair-minded Arkansans. They deserve nothing less, as they return to our home state from their honeymoon.

Please sign the petition to Mount St. Mary President Karen Flake and Principal Diane Wolfe calling on them to commit to ending discrimination against LGBT employees and apologize to Tippi McCullough.

The community is behind us.  Will you join us?  We’ll send a message to the country that Arkansas is no place for discrimination.

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