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The 2013 American Community Survey results, due out in September, will include the estimated 180,000 same-sex married couples in its statistics concerning America’s 56 million families, according to The Washington Post.

While the U.S. Census has collected data on same-sex headed households since 1990, the census’s recent change is a significantly symbolic move that reflects the nation’s growing acceptance of the LGBT community. 

“We’re trying to make changes that reflect what’s happening with American families,” Rose Kreider, chief of the fertility and family statistics branch of the Census Bureau, said to The Washington Post. "We’ve been working on it for some years, and we’re continuing to work on it to improve the measurement of American families and emerging family forms."

According to a Williams Institute 2013 study, six million American children and adults have an LGBT parents and an estimated three million LGBT Americans have had a child.

As number of LGBT-headed families continues to grow, so does the overwhelming majority of Americans in support of the need to secure legal equality, fairness and respect for LGBT parents and their children.

To learn more about the upcoming changes to the U.S. Census, click here.

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