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For this year’s National Adoption Month, our blog series celebrated successful adoptions around the country.

In connection with HRC’s celebration of Transgender Awareness Week we were thrilled to share the story of Quinn, a transgender parent in Florida, and his partner, Kari who together adopted Tristan.

In Kari & Quinn’s story we saw how a welcoming child welfare agency like Connecting Hearts Adoption Services, played a critical role in supporting their efforts to build a family through adoption. Like many other agencies, Connecting Hearts Adoption Services worked with HRC’s All Children – All Families (ACAF) project to build their LGBTQ cultural competency and are Leaders in Supporting and Serving LGBTQ Families. You can check out this list for other agencies around the country working with HRC to do the same.

This National Adoption Month also marked the 10-year anniversary of All Children – All Families. For a decade now, the project has served the child welfare field, removing barriers for LGBTQ adults to become foster/adoptive parents, and improving services for LGBTQ youth currently in out-of-home care. The ACAF team thanks all participating agencies for their commitment to providing welcoming and affirming services to the LGBTQ community. 

For more posts about LGBTQ adoption and inclusive agencies, check out HRC’s adoption blog series

While National Adoption Month may be ending, you can always find resources on HRC’s Adoption page, including key questions you should ask if considering adoption and our Adoption Options Overview

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