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“Back on Board: Greg Louganis” is a feature documentary following four-time Olympic diving champion Greg Louganis over the past three years. The film provides an intimate look inside Louganis’s financial struggles as he navigates his complicated life as an overlooked sport icon; working to reunite with a sport he once dominated but was not welcomed in.
Louganis, considered one of the greatest divers in history, is a pioneer within the LGBT community as one of the first openly gay men in sports. In 1988, Louganis was diagnosed as HIV-positive. Rather than buckling under public prejudice, demonstrated his unparalleled courage by continuing to compete.
Brave individuals like Louganis have paved the way for today’s world-class athletes -- like Jason Collins, Robbie Rogers, Britney Griner and so many more -- to pursue their dreams while living openly and authentically.
"Back on Board" will be screening this summer in Washington D.C., San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  For more on “Back on Board" or to find a screening near you, visit

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