Post submitted by Jeran Artery, Wyoming Equality Chairman 

jackson wyomingOn Tuesday night, the Jackson Hole Town Council voted unanimously to add sexual orientation and gender identity to its policy manual which governs hiring, personnel, and employment practices for the town of Jackson.

Councilman Don Franks said, “Even though the town has been following this practice unofficially, acknowledgment in writing is the finest example the community can set.” 

Mayor Mark Barron (R) agreed it was indeed time for the update to the manual.

Public testimony was brief.  Local resident Mark Houser, with Jackson Hole PFLAG, rose and spoke in favor of the wording stating that same-sex couples currently employed by the town would benefit tremendously from this update; and also spoke to the strong positive message this would send to Jackson’s youth.  No residents spoke in opposition to the wording.

HRC organizers, in conjunction with Wyoming Equality, have been working with Mayor Barron and community leaders for some time. 

We are hopeful that this will be the first step in opening up dialogue across the state and ultimately helping Wyoming live up to her name, "The Equality State!"

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