Post submitted by Cathy Reno, Senior General Manager of the Ptown Action Center and Store

provincetownIn the early days of the Provincetown Action Center and Store, the hours were long, the season was short and space was at a premium. Fast forward a few summers later and  I’m now writing to you from a bright, airy space that has become a beehive of activity for LGBT residents and visitors alike.

Of the thousands of folks I have met over the years, there have been several whom will forever have a place in my memory. The first, an elderly couple who stood in front a video about coming out and the hardships LGBT Americans face. For more than 90 minutes, the couple sat transfixed in a state of pure sadness. Held by her husband the entire time, the woman could no little more than cry. The second, a young gentleman from Romania who had been disowned by his family for being gay. For him, death by stoning was almost inevitable had he lived his life openly in his birth country.  

Just this week, two brides- still in their dresses- came to the HRC Store. It was their first stop as a legally-married couple. And as I go into my 16th season as the Senior General Manager of the Ptown Action Center and Store, I can’t help but to reflect not only on the growth we’ve seen, the incredible gains we’ve made and the historic moments we’ve experienced as we carry on fighting for full LGBT equality but also, the great distances we’ve still yet to go.

From Massachusetts to California, we are One America.   

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