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Notre Dame Preparatory School, a Catholic high school in Baltimore, Maryland, rejected the wedding announcement of a lesbian alumna in their class notes.  

Sarah Rupert-Sullivan graduated from Notre Dame Prep in 2003 and married her wife, Molly, last August.  She submitted their wedding announcement through the school’s website, hoping to see it appear in the "Class Chatter." However, when the notes were finally posted online, Rupert-Sullivan’s wedding announcement was omitted.

Notre Dame Prep spokeswoman Cami Colarossi explained that they “do not print in official school publications information which conflicts … in any way with the totality of the Church’s teachings.”  Yet, Rupert-Sullivan was quick to point out when speaking with The Baltimore Sun that the school routinely posts non-Catholic wedding announcements as well as divorces, which are similarly forbidden by Catholic teaching. 

January 26 marks the beginning of the National Catholic Education Association’s annual “National Catholic Schools Week,” which includes a number of events encouraging schools to “focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities and our nation.”  It is our hope that Catholic schools across the country will take this time to reflect on the hateful and intolerant messages that even the seemingly inconsequential actions of omitting a class note can send to young people and communities.


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