CaterpillarPost submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Deputy Communications Director

Do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence of intolerance.  That’s the message the Caterpillar Foundation is sending the Boy Scouts of America.

According to an AP report, the Peoria, Ill-based heavy machinery manufacturer has decided to withdraw its support for Boy Scouts of America because of its policy barring openly gay adult Scout leaders.  Last month in a historic move, BSA leaders voted to end the ban on openly gay Scouts, but kept in place the discriminatory ban on openly gay adult Eagle Scouts, Scout leaders, and parents. 

Earlier this year we announced more stringent criteria for the Corporate Equality Index (CEI).  To receive a perfect score, companies would have to prohibit philanthropic giving to non-religious organizations that have a written policy of anti-gay discrimination, or permit its chapters, affiliates, or troops to do so.

Caterpillar is not the first major company to cut the Boy Scouts off.  United Parcel Service and Intel Corporation also stopped supporting the scouts.

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