Our community has come a long way since the early days of our movement in the mid-20th Century.  It’s important to remember that as we celebrate victories in courts and legislatures, and people are able to live more open and authentic lives, not long ago the environment was completely different.

As we continue our struggle for full equality under the law and LGBT people continue to face discrimination and violence at alarming rates, we must remember our history and the lessons it teaches us.  Today as many LGBT people live closeted and inauthentic lives, that was for most part the only option just 50 years ago.  Many gays and lesbians were forced into marriages while living secret lives.  The mainstream medical community told them they were deviants and would never be accepted as normal.

Along with Showtime’s new series “Masters of Sex,” HRC participated in the creation of a web video looking at the history of the LGBT rights movement and in particular the obstacles faced by closeted gays and lesbians during the time the show is set. 

HRC is proud to again partner with Showtime, an annual sponsor of HRC’s pride program.

The web video, which can be viewed below, examines the struggles of gays and lesbians over the past 50 years through the lens of today’s advancements.  This project, as a corollary to “Masters of Sex,” does an extraordinary job of telling the story of the history of discrimination, the fear, and the hiding gays and lesbians were forced to endure and offers important perspective on our current struggle.

Watch the web video below.


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