FlagOver the weekend it was announced that there will be a case filed challenging North Dakota’s marriage equality ban. Last week couples in Montana and South Dakota filed lawsuits challenging their states' bans, leaving North Dakota to be the final state to have its same-sex marriage ban challenged in the courts.

The case is expected to be filed by Joshua Newville, a Minneapolis-based civil rights attorney. Newville also filed the suit against South Dakota’s ban last week.  He intends to file the case in the next six to eight weeks.

The marriage equality landscape is rapidly changing. Today there are over 70 marriage equality cases working their way through the judicial system across the country. A total of 44 percent of Americans today live in a state where they are free to marry the person they love.

Since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last year, not a single state marriage ban has survived a federal court challenge.

Learn more about the state of marriage equality in America and the cases challenging marriage bans at www.americansformarriageequality.org.

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