Today it was announced that a coalition seeking to put California’s recently-passed School Success and Opportunity Act up for referendum failed to collect the signatures required to qualify the matter for the November 2014 ballot.

“The forces of discrimination tried to go after California's LGBT young people, and it's a sign of our progress that they fell short of their goal,” said Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President Chad Griffin. “Yet unfortunately there are groups out there that are actively working to make the lives of LGBT youth harder. This law does nothing more than safeguard transgender students from being excluded and ensures all students are provided the same opportunities – regardless of gender identity.”

After a randomized spot-check conducted last month, the anti-LGBT campaign enough signatures were valid to trigger a full-count of all of the signatures acquired in the 58 counties.  The state requires 504,760 valid signatures in order to put the referendum on the November ballot.  However, after a full-count of all signatures it was concluded that they had failed to gather enough to successfully put the issue up for referendum.

HRC will continue to stand with our partners in California working against the vitriol behind this effort.

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