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Earlier this year, Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) launched SAGE Story, a national digital storytelling program for LGBT elders. SAGE Story aims to reduce isolation among LGBT elders while changing representations of them in media and social change advocacy efforts. Through workshops at seven sites throughout the country, SAGE Story teaches LGBT elders fundamentals of storytelling, as well as how to tell impactful, personal life stories through a variety of print, electronic, creative and issue-based formats.

SAGE Story is now issuing a call to LGBT elders: share your story in a nationwide contest (with a $50 Amazon gift card as prize) that’s focused on how LGBT elders combat and conquer isolation, building the support systems they need to age well. Many LGBT people spend their lives building families and communities, creating rich and sustaining relationships. Yet as we age, more and more of us begin to feel less connected. The LGBT elder population is especially vulnerable to these feelings, as they are more likely to be single and without children—and many senior services are not welcoming toward LGBT elders. 

SAGE wants to know more about your family, friends, community, and what they mean to you. We want to know about a time when you may have felt alone, but found a connection that sustained you, or maybe a time when you built a circle of support for yourself or for someone else in need. Tell us before the contest ends on November 6 what “community” means to you and how you stay connected to the people who matter most to you! 

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