HRC call it outPost submitted by Jay Brown, former HRC Communications Director 

We’d like to write off the grossly transphobic comments of Gavin McInnes that appeared today on the website Thought Catalog as the rantings of a fringe character, but we can’t.

McInnes, after all, co-founded Vice magazine, makes guest appearances on Fox News, and has now found a platform for his anti-LGBT screeds on Thought Catalog, a popular site that bills itself - unironically, it appears - as a “fun, smart and creative” place dedicated to telling “all sides of the story.” 

Today McInnes used Thought Catalog’s platform to blast out a hate-filled, profane post under the provocative headline, “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural.”

While we are reluctant to repeat the ugliness salted into McInnes’ specious tirade, let’s just say he starts with suggesting that trans men and women are God’s mistake, that they’re crazy, and, then, just to broaden his range, adds: “Being gay is a weird quirk that happens at birth. It’s like being an albino.”

Though much of McInnes’ rantings are incomprehensible, it remains mind-boggling that Thought Catalog would hand its megaphone over to someone with such a toxic and factually wrong message. 

We urge Thought Catalog publisher Chris Lavergne to explain why he decided to feature McInnes’ hateful speech.

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