dover marriage equalityPost submitted by Colleen Fitzpatrick, Equality Delaware Field Organizer

Last Sunday, residents of Dover gathered for a town hall meeting on marriage equality. It was wonderful to see the room filled with a diverse and enthusiastic crowd -- students, parents, retirees, service members, people of faith and others coming together in support of marriage equality.

The evening events started with an address from Equality Delaware Presidents Lisa Goodman and Mark Pupura. They explained how important it is for Delaware to capitalize on the tremendous momentum from successful ballot measures in Maine, Maryland, and Washington, Obama’s public endorsement, and the upcoming Supreme Court cases. If we are able to pass marriage before DOMA is repealed, full federal recognition would be available for all loving and committed couples in Delaware. Lisa declared, over and over, that 2013 must be the year for marriage equality in the First State.

Next, Deputy Field Director Karl Bach took the stage to emphasize the need for community action. He described how important it is for legislators to hear from their constituents. A simple handwritten letter, because they are so rare and personal, can go a long way towards winning the support of representatives. The audience clearly took these words to heart, as 35 individuals sat down to write a letter right then and there. It was incredibly touching to see everyone putting their personal stories on paper. A few people even made multiple drafts.

Overall, it was a highly successful night that helped build community, secure support, and even take some steps towards action. Dover is a critical area for this campaign, so we were thrilled to see so many people come out support the cause.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended, and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Click here to read more about our Dover Town Hall in this great coverage from the Delaware State News.

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