Doylsetown Borough Hall Philadelphia ENDA meetingPost submitted by Andrew Kunka, Americans for Workplace Opportunity field organizer

Last week, residents from across the suburbs of Philadelphia gathered in Doylestown Borough Hall for a community education and engagement event on the need to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and other LGBT non-discrimination policies. The event opened with a diverse and impressive panel of business, policy, and education professionals discussing the economic importance of ENDA.

Panelists discussed the high level of support among the business and corporate sector.  

Philadelphia ENDA organizers“Most of the U.S.’s top companies are way of ahead of our political leaders,” stated David Hall, a CNN blogger who consults with Fortune 500 companies on their diversity practices. “They understand that a workplace including everyone works better and has higher rates of economic growth.”
Hall further noted, “Almost all my clients are Republicans and supportive of LGBT protections because they get the business case for equality.”
J.J. Cutler, a former VP at Aramark and Deputy Vice Dean of MBA Career Management, Admissions, and Financial Aid at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, followed, stating, “ENDA and similar policies make just sense from a pure dollars and cents standpoint.”

Marlene Pray, a member of the County’s Human Relations Council noted the limits of Doylestown’s local non-discrimination ordinance, explained, “As a member of Bucks Human Relations Council, I see more complaints of LGBT employment discrimination than any other type. Unfortunately, a majority of these can never be addressed because only four municipalities in Bucks have protection and only 30% of Pennsylvania has some form of local protection.  This is why ENDA needs to be passed now. Doylestown’s ordinance only covers 8,000 people.”

Following the panel, attendees learned about taking action as part of the Americans for Workplace Opportunity campaign to pass ENDA through the U.S. Senate. As attendees left, several turned in handwritten letters to Senator Toomey and called his office urging him to support ENDA.
Business support in Bucks County continued to prove strong over the weekend when our volunteers signed up more than 30 businesses in support of ENDA.

Join those taking action to help pass ENDA by signing up for one of our upcoming events in Pennsylvania here:

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