Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

This week representatives from over 300 local chapters of Boy Scouts of America will converge on Grapevine, Texas to discuss organizational priorities for the upcoming year.

Earlier this year, BSA proposed a resolution to lift the national ban on gay scouts, a measure that the majority of Americans support. However, under the resolution BSA would continue to ban gay and lesbian staff and leaders from participating.
Discrimination has no place in the proud tradition of scouting and is a violation of the core values of the BSA.
There is still time to call on your local representative to do the right thing.  Send a letter to your local council now.

Here what a few of HRC members and supporters have said to their representatives thus far:

"The Boy Scouts of America should be a place where boys can learn character and hone the skills necessary to become men -- good men, who contribute positively to society. Current policies that endorse institutional discrimination do the opposite."

"The values declared by the Boy Scouts of America is at odds with the policy of discrimination. It goes against respect, citizenship, honesty, and even faith -- if the belief is that God created all of us and loves all of us."

"I want my boys to grow up to be aware of the differences among people, and more importantly of all the many ways in which we are more similar than different.  I want them to be tolerant and fair toward all human beings.  And I would like to see the Boy Scouts extend its values of helpfulness and friendliness to this large segment of the population, rather than continue to sully its otherwise good reputation with this exclusionary policy."

Sign a petition now and let your council know why you support the end of BSA’s anti-gay policy.

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